Welcome to SINCHANG E & G.

 Founded in 1993, the company was the first to produce helical gear shaper cutters in the nation. The surrounding circumstances were difficult at that time, but we have focused only on gear production and accumulated advanced technologies of which we very proud. From this base, we have secured state-of-the-art facilities necessary for gear processing, and are now making great efforts to foster talented people.

Leading the creation of a new life culture, the company always does its best in every task, and is faithful to the fundamentals as a manufacturer and importer. We will be faithful to our mandate as a responsible business, working with our customers, and creating a new life culture. Based on our corporate philosophy, we will continue to grow in the 21st century with the support and confidence of consumers.

In this global age, we promise to continue our efforts to produce the best products in the world and to grow into a global company.

We ask for your continued interest in SINCHANG E & G, which will grow with the support and confidence of its customers.